إصدار و ضمان شهادة الحلال حسب الشريعة الإسلامية

alshaykh halal certification board is the best source for the most accurate, credible and timely information on halal nutritional, pharmaceutical and investment products. alshaykh halal certificate has worldwide acceptance and and is recognized by both the Muslim World League and the World Halal Council. 

For the consumer, the benefit of alshaykh halal certification are clear. You will be sure that all the ingredients and process that went into producing the final product have been checked for compliance with Sharia Law and you will be able to purchase the product with the assurance that it does not contain anything that is doubtful.

For the producer, the benefit of alshaykh halal certification are also clear. You get the expertise of a globally recognized and respected institution with confidential advice of best practice, ingredient preferences, sanitary preparation and hygienic processing and the certificate provides independent third party quality assurance valued by conscientious consumers worldwide.